Make your rack to your measurements

    Classico Style Rack Measurements Pictures Below

    Made to measure supplied kit set (flat pack) $2.90 per bottle pocket
    Supplied fully assembled $3.45 per bottle pocket

    or email us with your measurements and we will come back to you with both options incuding freight.

    Calculate Your Custom Rack Size:

    Consult the chart below

    Measure the space you wish to put the wine rack into, consider skirting boards. To convert your measurements to bottle spaces consult the chart. Take the nearest size under your measurement. For example if you have 1000mm the number of bottles would be 10 (974mm).These sizes apply to both the vertical and the horizontal dimensions of the racks. Allow room for a bottle to fit on top. Larger bottles 1.5ltr will fit on top. Multiply the vertical number by the horizontal number to give the total number of bottles.

    Number of Bottles Width and Height

    1 bottle 137mm
    2 bottles 230mm
    3 bottles 323mm
    bottles 416mm
    5 bottles 509mm
    6 bottles 602mm
    7 bottles 695mm
    8 bottles 788mm
    9 bottles 881mm
    10 bottles 974mm
    11 bottles 1067mm
    12 bottles 1160mm
    13 bottles 1253mm
    14 bottles 1346mm
    15 bottles 1439mm
    16 bottles 1532mm
    17 bottles 1625mm
    18 bottles 1718mm
    19 bottles 1811mm
    20 bottles 1904mm
    21 bottles 1997mm
    22 bottles 2090mm
    23 bottles 2183mm
    24 bottles 2276mm
    25 bottles 2369mm

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