Important Information

    Classico Racks Custom Made To Measure

    Kit set and assembled wine racking systems would be made physically as big as possible for entry to cellar, staircase, and cupboard.

    With larger racks, keep in mind, access to the installation area. Should that access be difficult we can make the rack in sections to facilitate installation.

    All individual racks have brackets to be affixed to the wall. Gib, particle board and concrete. Each unit is placed 50mm apart and come with joiners to join the units. This is archived by knocking the joiners in to view the rack as one unit, as the racks are treated as building blocks. 

    Mounting brackets depending on rack size - 2 to 14 mounting points.

    (You can add another rack later as your collection grows)

    Galvanised clout nails are used to secure the back strapping in construction.

    We will design a custom layout to suit your specific dimensions. Our designer  can offer technical assistance.

    Contact us for a free quote. Send your room, area dimensions (don't forget ceiling height and door location)

    (Attractive recycled printed cardboard boxes, simple clear instructions provided, kit set, flat packed)


    Ph: 09 415 0816

    Ph: 021 155 3230